Interactive Marketing. Extended.
Touch is the most natural way of making contact. Motor dealerships can now have their
TouchDirect can display:

» current vehicle models
» image galleries
» special offers
» static content
» and process test drive or information requests

TouchDirect is ideal for use:

» on the showroom floor
» in the waiting area of the service department
» at events
» in shopping malls

TouchDirect kiosks are individualised per dealership and follow
the look and feel of your brand. The unit is mobile and operates
wherever you need to engage with current and potential
customers – all you need is electricity.

The TouchDirect team will take care

Through an easy-to-use online Content Management System, the content of one or many TouchDirect kiosks can be easily adjusted. The TouchDirect units will update themselves remotely via a built-in mobile internet connection; resulting in no physical changes on the unit required.

Customer interactions such as requests for further information or test drives are forwarded to the relevant department via e-mail as well as archived in the Content Management System. Comprehensive usage statistics allow your dealership to gain insight into the customer interactions at your TouchDirect units.

With TouchDirect you can now have your own branded touch screen unit anywhere and update all content remotely at the click of a button.
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